bubo MOVIE

Meet Paul.
Paul is the procurement officer of a city. He buys everything from a pencil to a fire truck. Paul’s job is to get the best deals for city and save money.
This is the eagle owl. Scientific name: bubo bubo. bubobubo has sharp senses, and he can turn his head for 360 degrees for an excellent overview. He has a fast flight and is an effective hunter.
Together, Paul and bubobubo go hunting for savings.
To find them, they need a good overview and a good insight into the city’s spend. A wealth of information is hidden in different systems, databases, order forms and invoices. Altogether, a huge amount of data.
The bubobubo business intelligence solution transforms big data into little data. It combines all different data sources into one, and provides procurement specific dashboards, charts, tables and reports. If needed, you can drill down to every single line item.
Paul has now control over the spend and can save the city a lot of money, which can now be used for other important things.
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